TYPE S Windshield Silver Foil Sunshade 3-piece Kit 2-pack

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TYPE S Windshield Silver Foil Sunshade 3-piece Kit

The Type S windshield sunshade 3-piece set includes a form fitting windshield shade plus 2 side shades. The shades are easy to use and the premium reflective coating blocks heat and sun, protecting your vehicle dash, steering wheel and interior. Convenient side shades protect precious passengers from heat and glare while still allowing some visibility to enjoy the journey. The shades fold up compactly and can easily be stored in a door or seat pocket until needed again.

    • Reflects Heat and Glare - Ultra reflective coating keeps your vehicle cooler and protects  from, damaging heat and sun
    • Blocks 20% more heat compared to standard spring shades
    • New form fitting design has more support and covers more of your windshield for maximum protection
    • UPF 50+ fabric rating blocks 99% of UVB and UVA rays protecting your interior
    • Includes 2 Side Shades, reduce glare and increase comfort on side windows
Color: Cool Blue / Reflective Silver
Includes: 1 windshield shade and 2 side window shades
Fits: Windshields between “28-34” in height with Standard or Jumbo sizes (greater than 34” would require a super jumbo size)
Material: Polyester Knit with reflective foil backing

Care: Simply wipe clean with damp cloth and mild detergent if needed

Installation: Unfold shade and place in windshield folding down visors to secure shade in place


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