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Tools and More Tools Mix n' Match any Dozen  for $19.99

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  Yellow Plastic Levels, 16"

16” multipurpose level is made of durable plastic with 3  clearly-marked acrylic bubble vials to level vertically, horizontally,  and diagonally. Plus, its conveniently ruled side displays both inches  and centimeters making it perfect for carpentry, small masonry jobs,  interior decorating, and other construction work done professionally or  just around the house. 16" Tool Bench® hardware multipurpose yellow  plastic levels. 196864

 Tape Measures, 16 ft.

A must have in any household! Tape measure has a stiff metal tape  that extends up to 16' to allow for the measurement of large items. Each  plastic tape measure has a protective rubber sheathing and a firm  locking mechanism to hold the measuring tape firmly in place when  needed. Ideal for woodworking, hanging pictures, and general  measurements of just about anything. 16-ft. Tool Bench® Hardware Tape  Measures random assorted between orange and yellow.please note your  color choice we will do our best to fill your needs 164083 Disposable Filter Masks, 10-ct. Packs 

BIG protection against harmful dust particles at a small price!  Lightweight contour-fit disposable filter masks are a must for lawn  maintenance, wood working, and other dusty projects.   10-ct. packs of  Tool Bench® Hardware Disposable Filter Masks, one size fits most. 164062

 Bungee Cords, 3-ct. Packs

Secure your load with these versatile bungee cords! 12", 18", and 24"  bungee cords are braided with strong and sturdy rubber and covered with  brightly-colored patterned jackets. Plus, the plastic end hooks to help  prevent scratching. Case includes 24 – 3-ct. packs of Tool Bench  Hardware® bungee cords, each pack contains 1 each of 12", 18", and 24"  in the colors shown.  120925   (temporary out of stock)

 12-in-1 Screwdriver Sets

One tool for so many tasks! With its handy sockets and socket  adapter, plus a set of various screwdriver tips, this multipurpose  12-in-1 screwdriver will soon become your go-to tool. Conveniently  stored inside the handle are a wide assortment of screwdriver tips (2  different sizes each of flathead and Phillips), socket adapters, and a  set of 5 sockets — everything simply snaps into the end of the tool for  quick use. Perfect for kitchens, laundry rooms, college dorm rooms,  emergency car kits, tool belts and boxes, and travel. Tool Bench®  Hardware 12-in-1 screwdriver sets. 178179

 8-in-1 Screwdriver Sets

One tool for so many tasks! With its various screwdriver tips, this  multipurpose 8-in-1 screwdriver will soon become your go-to tool.  Perfect for kitchens, laundry rooms, college dorm rooms, emergency car  kits, tool belts and boxes, and travel. Plus, it’s ideal for resale in   hardware stores.  Tool Bench® 8-in-1 screwdriver sets. 178176

 Screwdrivers, 4-pc. Sets

Be ready for quick fixes with a set of phillips head and flat head  screwdrivers. 6½" screwdrivers and 3¼" screwdrivers with plastic handles  for comfort and easy reach. Perfect for the handyman, carpenter, or  keeping in the kitchen drawer. 4-pc. sets of Tool Bench® hardware  screwdrivers. Each pack includes 2 flat head screwdrivers with red  handles, and 2 phillips head screwdrivers with blue handles. 186588

 Slip-Joint Pliers, 6"

Don’t be without a good set of pliers! These slip-joint pliers have  serrated jaws to provide a firm grip and a textured handle to make sure  you have a firm grip on them. Ideal for home use, carpenters, crafters,  electricians, handymen, stocking stuffers, and resale.  6" Tool Bench  Hardware™ Slip-Joint Pliers.186570

 Adjustable Wrenches, 5¾"

Compact wrenches are perfect for loosening or tightening various nuts  and bolts. Whether working on the family car, fixing the plumbing under  the sink, or putting together that new exercise equipment, these 5¾"  wrenches are a must have in any toolbox. – 5¾" Tool Bench® Hardware  Adjustable Wrenches.196794    (temporary out of stock)

 Handsaws, 12"

The old fashioned way to cut small pieces of wood. 12" handsaws have a  sturdy plastic handle and provides a precision cut without the need for  electricity. Perfect for carpenters, handymen, maintenance departments,  and home use.  – 12" Tool Bench® Hardware Handsaws.  196822

 Screwdrivers, 2-pc. Sets

Have the right tool for the job with a set of phillips and flat-head  screwdrivers. Rubber and plastic handles provide a comfortable grip.  Perfect for home improvement projects, Also convenient for  display/resale.  2-pc. 7-7/8" Tool Bench Hardware® screwdriver sets,  each including one flat-head screwdriver, and one phillips-head  screwdriver.

 Carabiner Clips, 3-ct. Packs

Keep track of keys, water bottles and other small items, with these  metal carabiner clips. Secures in seconds to backpacks, purse straps,  belts, and more. Great for outdoor sports, camping, biking, and everyday  use. Each pack contains 3 different sized clips: 2¾", 2¼", and 2".   3-ct. packs of Tool Bench® Hardware Carabiner Clips in random assorted  color pack as shown.

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