SlimyGloop Mix’Ems Ready-Made Slimes, 52-Pack

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SlimyGloop Mix’Ems Ready-Made Slimes, 52-Pack

Experience the satisfying squish, stretch, and twist of dozens of SlimyGloop Mix’Ems® without the mess. This mega-pack includes 52 containers of ready-made Slimygloop, each conveniently packed inside reusable, resealable storage containers so you can jump in and get right to the fun. Simply remove the slimes from their jars and let the sensory adventure begin–from colorful jelly Slimygloop to soft, buttery goodness and even crunchy neon sparkles–there are endless textures for you to explore. Twist your Slimygloop together to create a super cool swirl, see how far your slimes can stretch, or play sensory iSpy and add fun mix-ins from home, like confetti, foam balls, or even mini figurines. When you’re finished swirling, twirling, poking, and squeezing your Slimygloop, keep it inside the storage jars to preserve their ooey-gooey magic!

  • 52 containers of pre-made Slimygloop
  • Jelly, milky, glitter goodness
  • Set includes 3 different types of slime to explore
  • No messy mixing, no extra prep 
  • Squish it, squeeze it, poke it, twist it, stretch it 
  • Strengthens fine motor skills
  • Reusable storage containers are all air-tight and resealable
  • Swirl the slimes together 
  • Add fun add-ins from home, like beads, confetti, squishies, and other small toys
  • Includes 6 resealable containers of colorful clear SLIMYGLOOP (1 blue, 1 green, 1 orange, 1 purple, 1 teal, 1 magenta) 1 oz. each, 18 resealable containers of milky SLIMYGLOOP (3 neon purple, 3 neon green, 3 neon orange, 3 neon pink, 3 neon yellow, 3 neon blue) 1 oz. each, 28 resealable containers of glitter SLIMYGLOOP (2 neon green, 2 light blue, 3 orange, 3 red, 3 silver, 3 gold, 3 hot pink, 3 dark blue, 3 iridescent white, 3 iridescent purple) 1 oz. each

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