Quick Whisk The 14 Push Mix Froth Lattes Pancake Beat Eggs Cordless

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Quick Whisk The 14 Push Mix Froth Lattes Pancake Beat Eggs Cordless

Professional food preparation has never been quicker and easier than with
The Quick Whisk! Like no other culinary tool, The Quick Whisk makes whipping,
frothing, and mixing effortless, giving you the ability to create beautiful meals
and desserts in a fraction of the time. Whether you’re preparing a salad,
vinaigrette, whipping cream for dessert, frothing coffee beverages, aerating
eggs for omelets, or blending fruit with milk for a smoothie, The Quick Whisk
makes you feel like a pro, giving you rapid, smooth, taste-tempting results.


Simply stand The Quick Whisk on its head and push the handle to activate the
rotation of the blades. With every pump of the handle, The Quick Whisk blades
spin 10 times, creating an incredibly fast, powerful mixing motion without batteries
or electricity! In fact, this mixing action is so effective, it’ll beat any electric blender
or food processor by whipping and frothing 10 times faster and with much greater
volume by comparison, giving you rapid, effortless results.

Give it a Whirl

Relying on age-old technology, The Quick Whisk gets better results than powered
devices but with a fraction of the effort of conventional blenders and mixers. With
lightning-fast, Force Twist Technology built into The Quick Whisk, you can bank
on it working incredibly well for decades. We know this because the push and mix
concept isn’t a new one. This idea was introduced to home cooks over 100 years
ago and still works incredibly well today. Yet it produces professional, superior
results to many powered home appliances with a fraction of the operational and
clean-up effort. Give it a whirl to see for yourself!



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