Philips EnduraLED PAR indoor reflectors 11PAR30L/END/F22 3000 DIM 6/1 408138

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Philips Endura LED PAR indoor reflectors 11PAR30L/END/F22 3000 DIM 6/1  408138 Case Lot 

Philips LED PAR indoor reflectors with high brightness LEDsare suited for track and recessed lighting. Energy saving, long life LEDPAR long and short lamps install into existing fixtures, lower costswith reduced wattage and reduce re-lamping frequency.

Soft white light.Ideal for overhead track fixtures.High brightness indoor flood lamps.Application performance close to 50W Halogen PAR.Offers 15 year rated average life, if operated 8 hoursper day, 7 days per week.Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels (Designedfor "Leading Edge" TRIAC dimming systems)

 Type LED, 11 watts, Equivalent watage 50w Halogen, 120 v, Beam spread, 22 degree, shape par 30l long neck, med base, luminous flex 440 lm, CRI 85, cool temperate 3000k, average rated life  4000 hours

max overall length 4 5/8"


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