Oxygenics Contour + Speaker 6-Setting Brushed Nickel Shower System

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Oxygenics Contour + Speaker 6-Setting Brushed Nickel Shower System 

Get ready to drop your mic because the Contour is officially amplifying your shower singing career. Thanks to the powerful, wireless, Bluetooth-enabled speaker, you’ve got yourself a new stage to work on your solo career. For the multi-taskers, the wireless capability will allow you to receive phone calls, adjust the volume as well as stop, pause, and rewind your shower playlist.

Your showerhead gets an upgrade, too. Its slender shape comes with six spray settings, each designed for a unique shower experience. Don’t be deceived by the sleek design—this gem is a powerhouse thanks to the Oxygenics technology that maximizes shower pressure while saving water and shaving valuable dollars off your utility bills. Between the unique waterfall feature, striking design, and water-resistant speaker—the world is your oyster with the Contour.


  • Extends 8.5" from shower arm and increases shower height by 4"
  • Large face for complete coverage
  • Multiple water-expanding Oxygenics engines featuring unique waterfall spray
  • Switch between 6 different settings with ease
  • Speaker features the ability to listen to music and answer phone calls while showering
  • Oxygenics spray rinses hair faster and exfoliates better
  • Reduces water and energy costs
  • Easy-clean nozzles and nonstick internal parts prevent buildup
  • Installs in minutes with included plumber's tape
  • Metal base for added durability
  • Water-resistant speaker is safe for endless in-shower use
  • Ability to adjust volume
  • Stop, pause, and rewind shower playlist
  • Bluetooth speaker holds a 3-hour charge
  • Limited lifetime warranty
    • This ground-breaking rain shower system provides a dynamic shower experience by using proprietary technology to provide amplified power
    • The large face creates complete coverage so you're never left in the cold
    • The 6 unique settings well help you craft the perfect shower, every time
    • New technology extends 8.5" from your shower arm, increasing your shower height by 4"
    • Wireless speaker allows for listening to music and answering phone calls while in the shower
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