National Geographic 114mm Reflecting Telescope

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National Geographic 114mm Reflecting Telescope

Get started in the fun and exciting world of astronomy with the National Geographic 114mm Reflecting Telescope. The refracting telescope has a 114mm aperture which means it is great at gobbling up light and giving you a nice view of the heavens under dark skies.

What's the Refactor Telescope like?

When it comes to finding the best refractor telescope or even the best portable telescope, a lot will depend on how you want to use it. Telescopes come in a variety of designs and types and what you intend to look at, such as space objects for the moon or planets, has a lot to do with which telescope you should get. This National Geographic telescope has enough aperture (114mm) that it will help illuminate faint targets while also providing enough focal length in order to get great views of the planets in the solar system.

What's Astrophotography?

Astrophotography is taking pictures of the stars and planets, usually using a telescope with a camera attached. The National Geographic 114mm Reflecting Telescope is able to take pictures quite easily, and thanks to the fast focal ratio (f/5.2) the exposure times needed when using this reflecting telescope are much less than others. This translates to better pictures overall.

What Comes With The National Geographic 114mm Reflecting Telescope?

Not only do you get a fantastic telescope with this kit, but you also get a number of other items to help you get going right away. The complete telescope package includes two different eyepieces, one that is 9.7mm and the other that is 26mm. These different eyepieces will help you get different magnifications and fields of view, which is crucial to observing your target correctly. The 114mm telescope also comes with a tripod that is portable and easily set up, so you can take it to your favorite dark site or with you while traveling.


  • Two Plossl eyepieces 26mm and 9.7mm
  • Full length tripod for variable heights for everyone in the family
  • Panhandle control on alt-azimuth mount for smooth movements when navigating the night sky
  • Carbon fiber-wrapped optical tube assembly is lightweight but durable
  • 114mm aperture has impressive light-gathering capability for excellent views of planets and bright deep sky objects
  • Use the red dot viewfinder and downloadable astronomy software to locate observing targets
  • Included adapter helps observers use their smart device to capture and share images
  • Comes with two interchangeable Plössl eyepieces and a 2X Barlow that provide magnifications of 19x – 103X
  • The 500 mm focal shortens exposure times for deep sky photography
  • The National Geographic 114mm Reflecting Telescope offers excellent views of the night sky. And you can attach a camera for taking pictures of the stars and planets.

    About this item

    • Perfect for beginner astronomers
    • Large 4.5" aperture for sky viewing
    • Complete telescope package including plossl eyepieces
    • Smart phone adapter to capture sky images on your smart phone
    • Downloadable celestial software and star map (planisphere)


Assembled Size

36" x 36" x 42"
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