Halloween Decoration Mix n' Match any 6

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Halloween Decoration  Mix n'  Match any 6 


Plastic Dog Skeleton Decorations, 7.125x6.5x4.125 in.

Nothing says Halloween quite like skeletons and furry animals. With these plastic decorations you can have both! The plastic dog skeletons each measure 7.125x6.5x4.125-in. They will be a welcome addition to homes, haunted houses, restaurants, and Halloween themed parties during this spooky time of year.
Assortment Details: 7.125x6.5x4.125-in. Plastic Dog Skeleton Decorations
Colors: Natural
Material: Plastic
Length: 7.125 in.
Width: 4.125 in.
Height: 6.5 in.
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Hanging Witch Ghost Decorations, 24 in.

Hang up ghastly and gorgeous decorations this Halloween! These hanging witch ghost decorations are perfect for creating a spooky yet fun atmosphere! Hang them on your front porch for trick-or-treaters or inside for a Halloween party. They're assorted among the 3 designs shown and are perfect for resale at Halloween stores, home goods stores, and gift shops.
24-in. Hanging Witch Ghost Decorations assorted among the 3 styles shown.   275900

Glitter Halloween Skulls with LED Glowing Eyes

It's that time of year again! Time to break out the spooky decor and go trick-or-treating! Halloween is full of fun, laughter, and sometimes fright. Dress up your home, office building, school, and more with spooky items like these light up glitter skulls. They're assorted among orange, purple, and black, and each skull has colored LED lights in the the eye sockets for an extra touch of creepy. Perfect for creating authentic haunted houses, or making your home festive for the holiday.
Case Quantity: 18
Assortment Details: 4.75x3.875x3.5-in. Glitter Halloween Skulls with LED Glowing Eyes assorted among orange, purple, and black
Colors: Black, Orange, Purple
Material: LED, Polypropylene
Finish: Glitter
Length: 4.75 in.
Width: 3.375 in.
Height: 3.875 in.
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Halloween-Themed Cement Solar Lights, 3x3.125 in.

Dress up your garden the same way you would dress up the interior of your home. These 2.5x2.75x3.125-in. spooky solar decorations come in 3 designs: white skulls, black cats, or orange jack-o-lanterns. The eyes are the solar lights and will shine brightly each night so long as they get adequate sunshine in the day.
Assortment Details: 2.5x2.75x3.125-in. Halloween Themed Solar Cement Decorations assorted among white skulls, black cats, and orange jack-o-lanterns
Colors: Black, Orange, White
Material: Cement, Glass, Polypropylene
Material Breakdown: CEMENT 90%, PP 5%, GLASS 3%, OTHER 2%
Length: 2.75 in.
Width: 2.5 in.
Height: 3.125 in.
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Glittery Polyfoam Tombstone Decorations, 11.5x17 in.

Lightweight polyfoam tombstones are a perfectly haunting addition to your Halloween decor! Assorted among 4 different spooky designs and accented with glitter, they also include metal stakes for securing them into the ground. Decorate for your Halloween parties, haunted houses, festivals, and graveyard scenes for a lot less.    275843
Glittery Polyfoam Tombstone Decorations assorted among the 4 designs shown  

Decorative Foam Light Up Jack-O-Lanterns, 5x4.5 in.

Pumpkins covered in glitter are a great decor item for the Halloween season, but what makes these even more special is that they light up from the inside. Press a button and the black glitter jack-o-lantern will glow an ominous green from the inside, or choose the orange glitter jack-o-lantern that glows a spooky purple from the inside. They both measure 4.5x5-in. A perfect size to stick on a desk, a dresser, a counter top, and more.
Assortment Details: 4.5x5-in. Decorative Foam LED Glitter Jack-O-Lanterns assorted between black and orange
Colors: Black, Orange
Material: Foam, LED
Finish: Glitter
Height: 4.5 in.
Diameter: 5 in.
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