Gilmour Thumb Control Pro Utility Nozzle

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Gilmour Thumb Control Pro Utility Nozzle

Compact and very graspable. Sturdily built. Angled head provides great ergonomics. Shoots a gently upward stream that descends naturally on one's plants. Shower stream is a good replicate of rainfall. Mist stream is delicate enough for seedlings. Jet stream is powerful and projects a great range with customary domestic water pressure. Nozzle has little bulk, is relatively light and has no pinch points like pistol grip nozzles. 'Appears to be corrosion resistant. Rubberized selector dial lends secure handling for changing settings. Do ensure that each detent position is fully engaged - else the nozzle will drip. Very comfortable to use for extended watering sessions - and quickly redirects the flow without wrangling lots of hose slack. The bale type valve is convenient and easier to manipulate than a quarter-turn auxiliary valve. The integral design eliminates one more hose joint and gasket washer. 


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