Betty Crocker Kitchen Tools Mix n' Match Dozen Deal

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Betty Crocker Kitchen Tools Mix n' Match Dozen Deal

Betty Crocker Nesting Measuring Cup Sets

Nesting  measuring cups are perfect for measuring dry/solid ingredients — plus,  the plastic red ring keeps them all together for easy storage and use.  Each set includes 1 cup, ½ cup, 1/3  cup, and ¼ cup measuring scoops. Dishwasher safe. Case includes 24 –  4-piece sets of Betty Crocker® nesting measuring cups. 14215 

Betty Crocker Nesting Measuring Spoon Sets

A  essential culinary tool that every kitchen should have! Each spoon in  this 4-piece set has both the standard and metric measurement printed on  the handle. Spoons are attached with a plastic ring and nest inside one  another for easy storage. Ring opens to separate spoons for easy  cleaning (top rack dishwasher safe). Case includes 24 sets of red Betty  Crocker® plastic measuring spoons that measure in increments of ½ tsp., 1  tsp., ½ Tbsp., and 1 Tbsp. 14217 

Betty Crocker Silicone Basting Brushes, 9"

Slather  on BBQ sauce, then pop it into the dishwasher and it comes out like  new! Plus, it’s heat safe to 350° F. Case includes 24 Betty Crocker® 9"  red silicone basting brushes. 14219 

Betty Crocker Red Silicone Spatulas, 9¾"

Heat resistant to 400° F. Case includes 24 Betty Crocker® 9¾" red silicone spatulas. 14221 

Betty Crocker Kitchen Scissors, 8½"

Kitchen  sheers are great for clipping herbs, cutting veggie stems, and cutting  pretty much anything in the kitchen that needs scissors. Case includes  24 Betty Crocker® 8½" kitchen scissors. 14224 

Betty Crocker Handheld Container Graters, 7"

Take  the hassle out of shredding with this easy-to-use handy helper! Each  handheld plastic and metal grater has a convenient plastic container  that attaches to catch food and a wide handle to help you keep your grip  while you shred. Case includes 24 – 7" Betty Crocker® handheld  container graters. 14225  

Betty Crocker Silicone Double Scraper/Spreaders, 10½"

Mix,  scrape, and spread batter and baking mixes with ease! Silicone material  is flexible and easily conforms when scraping so no batter or mix is  left behind. Case includes 24 – 10½" Betty Crocker® Silicone Double  Scraper/Spreaders. 14227 

Betty Crocker Salad Tongs, 11"

Serve  up salads, pastas, and sides effortlessly! Red plastic tongs have easy  to hold handles and feature fork on one side and spoon on the other for  easy serving. Case includes 24 – 11" Betty Crocker® red plastic salad  tongs. 14228 

Betty Crocker Nylon Slotted Spatula Turners, 14"

An  essential cooking tool for any busy kitchen! Nylon slotted spatula  turners won’t scratch cooking surfaces while flipping or removing foods.  Plus, their slotted design also helps to drain grease and cooking  sauces when removing food. Plus, their soft, comfort grip handles have a  notch for easy hanging/storage. Case includes 24 – 14" Betty Crocker®  nylon slotted spatula turners. 14233 

Betty Crocker Vegetable Peelers, 8"

Quickly  and easily peel vegetables and fruit... an essential tool for any busy  kitchen! Each peeler features a red plastic frame with a metal blade, a  soft-grip plastic handle, and has a notch on the handle for easy  hanging/storage. Ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, caterers, church  kitchens, and resale. Case includes 24 – 8" Betty Crocker® vegetable  peelers with comfort-grip handles 14239 

Betty Crocker Pizza Cutters, 8¾"

Slice  pizza and flatbreads or mince herbs and vegetables with this essential  kitchen tool! They have rubber handles for added comfort, and have a  notch on the handles for easy hanging/storage. Case includes 36 – 8¾"  Betty Crocker® pizza cutters with comfort-grip handles. 14232 


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