Bell+Howell TacLight High-Performance Flashlight

Bell & Howell

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Bell+Howell TacLight High-Performance Flashlight



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 ell+Howell TacLight High-Prformance Flashlight

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The Bell+Howell TacLight high-performance flashlight is 40  times brighter than regular flashlights, illuminating the area around  you even on the darkest of nights. Great for roadside emergencies,  camping, power outages and even walking the dog late at night, the  compact and lightweight flashlight can be seen 5 nautical miles away.  Choose from low beam, medium, high and SOS modes, or use strobe mode to  deter intruders. The flashlight is water- and freeze-proof, perfect to  leave in a car or boat.

  • 40x brighter than regular flashlights
  • 5 modes: low beam, medium, high, SOS and strobe
  • Zoom function
  • Super strobe deters intruders
  • Freeze- and water-proof
  • Built to be strong and durable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be seen 5 nautical miles away
  • Includes 1 flashlight
  • Item: 86845 | Model: 1176FEW
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