Atomi Plate Power Mini Swivel Wall Outlet (2 Pack)

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Atomi Plate Power Mini Swivel Wall Outlet (2 Pack)

Never be left without power with the Atomi® Plate Power Mini Swivel Wall Outlet (2-pack). When you're on the go, it can be a headache keeping all your devices charged. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, even headphones need to be powered up these days. The Atomi portable charger saves you from taking up a bunch of outlets with the versatility to charge up to four different devices at once.

The Atomi USB charger turns a standard wall outlet into two regular outlets and two USB charging stations. If you have somewhere around the house that requires power to a lot of different devices, a home work station for example, then the Atomi USB plug is the ideal choice. It's less cumbersome than an extension cord and its USB plugs make it more versatile as well. It can even swivel a full 360° and can lock into four different positions, depending on what fits best on the outlet where you plug it in.

When you're traveling with multiple devices, bringing along individual plugs for them is cumbersome. One Atomi USB plug reduces the number of outlets you need by four, making you a more streamlined traveler. The Atomi portable charger's lightweight design makes it easy to pack, and it fits snugly in virtually every backpack and computer bag on the market.

Every device charges a little differently. Even though you essentially follow the same steps, the way a smartphone charge is different from how a laptop charges. So Atomi created Smart Charge technology that automatically detects what kind of device you plugged in and then intelligently releases the right amount of power so all your devices charge at the fastest possible speed.

  • Add extra plugs and ports to any outlet
  • Swivel any direction or angle for optimal positioning
  • Turn standard outlets into technological hubs
  • Rapid charging for USB devices
  • Rotates 360° in 4 locking positions
  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Ideal for areas with multiple electronics
  • Compact and saves space for portability
  • Surge protected to keep your devices safe
  • Lightweight and great for travel
  • Fits perfectly into briefcases, suitcases and backpack
    • Atomi Plate Power Mini Swivel Wall Outlet (2-pack)
    • Transforms standard outlets into an advanced charging station
    • Plug in 2 extras electronics and quick-charges 2 USB devices at the same time
    • Swivel the plug 360° to fit into any space, locks in 4 convenient positions
    • Smart Charge technology delivers the fastest charge

1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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