ArtSkills Mega Marker Bucket (150 Pieces)

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ArtSkills Mega Marker Bucket (150 Pieces)

The ArtSkills Mega Marker Bucket contains 75 markers in a rainbow of colors. Activity pages are included for hours of extra fun. Bucket acts as a handy storage case, and is easily transportable for coloring on-the-go!. This item is NEW.

The ArtSkills® Mega Marker Bucket (150 Pieces) is a bucket of fun for the whole family. A new world opens up when you lift the lid on 75 different colors of creativity-inducing markers. The possibilities of what you can draw become limited only by your imagination. Even that will get a boost when you lay your eyes on the aqua blue marker, reminiscent of the waters of Antigua, or the electric orange that reminds you of the poison dart frog you saw on Planet Earth. Color is the beauty of our visual world, and every color on the spectrum has a story to tell. With 75 different ones to choose from, you can tell thousands of stories about whatever your mind can conjure up.

The ArtSkills Mega Marker Bucket has everything your kids and their friends need for an arts and crafts-filled day. If you're tired of your kids and their friends spending an endless number of hours on their phones, computers or game systems, give them a dose of inspiration and introduce them to the fun of analog creativity with this art set. The 59 stickers and 15 activity sheets will keep them occupied long after their cups of soda run dry. Not to mention how many masterpieces they will create using the 75-color marker set. This is the best art set for kids that your money can buy, and it's less than the cost of a movie ticket.

The ArtSkills Mega Marker Bucket is an affordable all-in-one craft kit that equips your child to enjoy hour after hour of arts and crafts time. This mega art set will encourage kids to think in creative ways and solve problems thanks to its 15 activity sheets. The sheer number of colors in the marker set is sure to send them down a wormhole of inspiration all by itself. For the best craft kit, look no further.

Each ArtSkills Mega Marker Bucket comes with 75 washable markers, 59 stickers, 15 activity sheets and a bucket in which to hold everything.

Marker bucket includes:

  • markers
  • activity sheets
  • stickers
  • one storage bucket

Assembled Size

6.5" x 6" x 8.25"

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Item # 980082261

Model # PA-5401

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